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Case Appearances

The Cookie Department

The Cookie Department, Inc. v. The Hershey Company, et al. 20-cv-09324 (N.D. Cal.)
Hershey Chocolate & Confectionary, LLC v. The Cookie Department, Inc. 21-cv-01675 (M.D. Pa.)


Google LLC v. Supreme Marketing Group, Inc.
18-cv-80674 (S.D. Fla.)

Better Real Estate

Meredith Corporation v. Better Holdco, Inc. Opp. No. 91273782 (TTAB)
Better Homes Realty, Inc. v. Better Holdco, Inc. Opp. No. 91272691 (TTAB)


Bluetooth SIG, Inc. v. FCA US LLC
18-cv-01493 (W.D. Wash.)

Vox Media

Maxime Aliaga v. Vox Media, LLC
21-cv-02866 (D.D.C.)

Live Oak Manors

Live Oak Manors LLC v. Live Oak Contracting, LLC 22-cv-02147 (N.D. Ga.)
Live Oak Contracting, LLC v. Live Oak Manors LLC Can. No. 92078909 (TTAB)

Google Adwords*

Moore v. Google LLC
19-cv-01018 (E.D. Va.)

The Motley Fool*

The Motley Fool, Inc. v. The Crypto Fools LLC
21-cv-00540 (E.D. Va.)

Squawk Café

Brian Patrick Daley and Squawk Ltd. v. Narrow Spirits, LLC, et al. 22-cv-00173 (E.D. Pa.)

Precision Supplements

PrecisionBiotics Group Limited v. Viome Life Sciences, Inc. Opp. No. 91274375 (TTAB)


National Cable Communications LLC v. WPP Properties Can. No. 92076763
The & Partners Group Limited v. National Cable Communications LLC Opp. No. 91273266

My Modern Metropolis

Valerio Vincenzo v. My Modern Metropolis, LLC 21-cv-01623 (C.D. Cal.)


Sazerac Brands, LLC v. Caribbean Distillers, LLC 17-cv-00092 (E.D. Ky.)


Match Group, LLC v. Bumble Trading Inc.
18-cv-00080 (W.D. Tex.)


ServiceNow, Inc. v. Starbucks HK Limited
Can. No. 92073709 (TTAB)


Mozilla Foundation v. TM Web Properties, Ltd.
Opp. No. 91234832 (TTAB)

Practice Areas

Please note prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. All cases are fact-specific and uniquely tailored to legal issues and arguments presented at the time of filing.
*Attorney Rumbaugh made an appearance in each of the starred* matters above while employed with a different law firm.

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