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Cutting Edge Legal Representation

We litigate and manage global intellectual property (IP) portfolios for some of the world’s most well-known and largest brands. We leverage workflow automation, intelligent IP docketing, and cutting-edge legal software to reduce costs and save time. Our goal is to make IP counseling not only possible but also practical, without sacrificing the reliability and polish of a larger firm. At Rumbaugh, our lawyers have the experience that you can trust.

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Practice Areas

How We Use Advanced Technology To Aid Our Clients

Our unique approach uses a variety of state-of-the-art technology all combined into an integrated filing system that allows us to keep track of deadlines, manage IP docketing, integrate portfolios into our systems and manage them effectively. Our software automatically scans the United States Patent and Trademark Office to check for new filings and ensure that we are always up to date on our information. We also use Calendly so that our clients can schedule appointments with us without the hassle of calling the office or time-consuming back-and-forth messages.

We Assist Clients In A Variety of Intellectual Property Matters

Rumbaugh attorneys are experienced in both litigation and transactional matters. When our clients have a dispute that cannot be resolved amicably through a cease-and-desist letter, our lawyers are prepared to take the case to court to vindicate our client’s rights over their property. We also provide consultation services to clients who need training to avoid IP infringement in advertising and marketing campaigns. Being proactive to avoid a potential lawsuit due to IP infringement is a valuable investment for our clients to ensure that they can continue business as normal.

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