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Seasoned Copyright Attorneys With State-Of-The-Art Solutions

Whether you are filing for an initial copyright on your intellectual property (IP) or you are seeking an experienced team to help you defend your existing copyright from infringement, Rumbaugh can assist you. Our clients come to us for copyright protection and application assistance because we have a unique approach to our cases, leveraging the latest in modern technology and software to maximize the efficiency of our attorneys and allowing them to effectively manage your copyright issue.

Practice Areas

We Assist Clients In All Manner of Copyright Issues

We offer a full range of copyright assistance to our clients, including copyright protection, transactions, and copyright litigation.

Copyright Protection: Our lawyers have many years of experience with filing for copyrights with the United States Copyright Office. We provide our clients with maximum efficiency so that they can protect their intellectual property (IP) faster and with less hassle. Our responsiveness and commitment to our unique approach is why our clients seek our representation.

Transactions: Transfers of ownership of copyrights can be complex, and our clients often turn to our attorneys for their skills so that they can assist them through the sale or purchase of their IP assets. Whether you are acquiring a new business or attempting to divest complex assets, we can assist you.

Copyright And Trademark Litigation: Whether you are looking for a simple cease and desist or demand letter to be sent on your behalf or you are preparing for federal litigation, we are capable of assisting you with your case at every stage of the process. Our lawyers zealously advocate for our clients’ interests in copyright disputes.

We Proactively Prepare Our Clients

Our attorneys assist our clients by training them in proper clearance and due diligence protocols so that they can have greater security in their advertising. Our training and educational materials are invaluable assets to our clients.

Contact Our Office Today

If you are looking for assistance with a copyright matter and are tired of the old-fashioned approach to law, then you can reach out to Rumbaugh to help you find a modern solution to your issue. Call 724-303-7438, or complete our online form to send us a brief description of your issue. We offer free initial consultations to our clients.

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