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Securing Your Identity In The Marketplace

The right of publicity, an individual's legal claim to control and profit from the commercial use of his or her name, likeness, and persona, requires specialized legal knowledge and an astute understanding of the digital age's complexities. At Rumbaugh, we are well-equipped to provide superior legal representation in all matters related to the right of publicity.

We Assist Clients in Personal Branding

Your identity and personal brand are valuable assets, and the Right of Publicity is designed to protect your ability to control and profit from their commercial use. It gives you the power to determine how your name, image, likeness, and other unique attributes are utilized in various contexts, such as advertising, endorsements, licensing, and more. Without proper protection, unauthorized and inappropriate use of your identity can lead to financial losses, damage to your reputation, and infringement upon your rights.

At Rumbaugh, our skilled Intellectual Property attorneys are experienced in safeguarding our clients' rights to control their personal identities. We pride ourselves on our wide-ranging expertise, which encompasses numerous critical areas. First, we aid clients in comprehending the scope of their publicity rights and the associated potential threats and opportunities. Second, we collaborate with clients to formulate comprehensive strategies that protect and amplify their publicity rights.

In the realm of litigation, our experienced team stands ready to assert or defend your publicity rights in court. We extend our services to represent both individuals and businesses in litigation that centers around publicity rights. Finally, we offer our expertise in negotiating and drafting contracts that include publicity rights provisions. This includes, but is not limited to, endorsement contracts and licensing agreements.

Practice Areas

Let Us Start Protecting Your Rights

At Rumbaugh, we are dedicated to protecting your personal identity and brand. To learn how we can assist you in enforcing your right of publicity, call our office at 724-303-7438, or complete our online form to schedule a free consultation with our team.

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